draining the pool for you (a slightly slashy fanmix)

casiotone for the painfully alone - bjork - TV on the radio
white antelope - the concretes - portishead - the duke spirit
the cure - the go-betweens - lovely sparrows - the national
the strokes - wire - the microphones

14 songs, 51 mins, 70mb

This is a predominantly John/Sherlock-based mix, dealing with
Moriarty and The Great Game in particular. So lots of angst,
near-death and unrequited lust to be found. Basically, I had a
choice - I could either write fic for all this, or share it and hope
that someone would feel inspired to do it for me. So... enjoy!

fanart: I hate it when a plan doesn't quite come together.
 In future, I will never start anything without checking the amount of ink in the pen, because I end up having to do horrid b/w stuff just to make sure that everything looks roughly the same colour. Never again. Though I suppose it does provide something of an excuse for strange, drawn-whilst-lying-down proportions.


Full image under the cut...Collapse )

fic: conventional wisdom (3/?)
Title: Conventional Wisdom (3/?)
Author: mustbehavingfun
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: Maybe a 12. What is that, T? No sex, no violence, at any rate.
Wordcount: 2497
A/N: Apologies for this taking so long. Unbeta'd, etc. This chapter is loosely based around a song by TV on the Radio, called Ambulance, which I think is completely and utterly perfect for this particular pairing. Lyrics included under the cut, they're too good to leave out. Anyway, enjoy! I hate writing dialogue, so apologies if it's rushed or ill-conceived. Not my bag at all. 

(Part 1)
(Part 2)

Your slim frame, your eager eyes and your wild mane / Oh they keep me where I belong, all wrapped up in wrong.Collapse )

fic: conventional wisdom (2/?)
Title: Conventional Wisdom (part 2)
Pairing: John/Sherlock (squinty preslash)
Wordcount: 1730
Warnings/Comments: None. Other than that I've been reading Proust recently, so am perhaps becoming a bit comma-heavy. No beta, also. And there's a (paraphrased) line from Larkin's Poetry of Departures in here, too, so props to him for that. TBC when I decide what the bloody hell's going on.

What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end... Collapse )

fic: conventional wisdom (1/?)
Title: Conventional Wisdom (1/?)
Author: mustbehavingfun
Pairing: Sherlock/John (preslash)
Rating: unnecessary
Summary: In which Mycroft bequeaths a gift unto Sherlock, and John finds it difficult to cool his temperature.

Notes: This is my second fic in this fandom, which I'm enjoying following hugely, and it's going to be slightly longer than the first (to which it is not related, for reference). Part two to follow some time in the next 24 hours!

What John defines as a 'quiet day' has changed somewhat, thanks to Sherlock...Collapse )

Sherlock Fic: Of Lonely Men In Shirtsleeves, Leaning Out Of Windows
Title: Of lonely men in shirtsleeves, leaning out of windows.
Author: mustbehavingfun
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing: Sherlock/John (pre-slash)
Rating: None
Summary: A few weeks into his tenancy, after much time has been devoted to unravelling quite what sort of mess he's got himself into, John discovers that the best way to deal with his new and alarmingly coercive flatmate is to treat his quite unpredictable extremes of mood as being those of two separate people...

I have gone at dusk through narrow streets and seen the smoke which rises from the pipes of lonely men in shirtsleeves, leaning out of windows.Collapse )


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